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your thoughts on bridal mask ending ? im so sad over mokdan death and the spy girl and also the other students T_T and shunji...well kinda

i just made a LONG post here:

the spy girl though, i loved her and she died fighting for her country which is my favorite type of death in this drama (i mean if you had to die in the drama). i kind of figured she might die so i was prepared, still sad though.

when the guy jumped over the student to save him. gahh! mad love to that nameless guy. so courageous and heroic!


oh man! i can’t believe it’s finally over. all 28 episodes. ive been mia for the past two weeks cause of college but i was still watching the whole time just not writing. 

its not that i didnt enjoy this episode but i was kind of disappointed. it was all over the place and badly edited. not as hugely epic as i thought it would be. still awesome though and satisfying. i just contradicted myself. lol. lets just put it this way. i was disappointed with the editing and epicness.

so as much as i hate to admit it and hate shunji, park ki woong totally stole the light in the last 2 episodes. i know i previously said that i didnt like his acting but he improved so fricken much that honestly i only cared about the scenes with him in it. GET THIS. i did not cry or feel for mokdans death or kangtos sadness about it. maybe it was because i never felt for kangdan. but i cried like a baby when shunji was crying over mokdans pool of blood and when he saw their wedding pictures. now im not saying joo wons acting was bad cause no. he was perfectly perfect in every single perfection (like when he was crying over her death or when he couldnt kill shunji in the beginning). but park ki woong there, oomf. like i dont even know how to explain it cause i hated shunji so much. and although i still hate him and he was still not redeemed (at least not to me), his death was perfect. he killed himself cause he finally admits to himself that he could never go back to the same person he was before after killing and torturing all those innocent people. and although i do think there was a part of him that wanted to save kangto the pain from killing him, i think the other reason was much bigger. cause lets face it, their friendship was over a long time ago and they both knew it. shunji tried to kill him multiple times knowing it was kangto. it was just kangto who couldnt kill him.

i loved what made shunji get into his senses. it wasnt when he killed mokdan but when he saw their wedding photos. cause if you think about it, he never actually saw the two together as a couple. he never saw how happy they were together. and although he kept saying how he never saw mokdan so happy, it was the photo with BOTH mokdan and kangto smiling that started breaking him into tears. he never saw the both of them so happy before which is why he was able to let them go and free himself of all that hatred and anger.

um, mokdans death. it was so typical that i wasnt really sad or shocked about it. it wasnt even close to epic. and although i loved mokdans character, i never liked jin se yuns acting. she’s not horrible but theres still a while lot of improving to do. it was han chae ah’s acting i always liked but she was such a wasted character. i thought she was going to get more involved when she found out his identity and everything but her screen time dropped once again. grrrrr. i was satisfied with her ending though. how she accepted her joseon identity and how she left katsyama behind to leave her ueno rie past behind.

now the ending! i fucking loved the ending. it was powerful, epic, passionate, compelling, and on and on and on. loved it. i would have taken hong gil dongs place as my favorite ending if kangto took off his mask and then ended but it was still brilliant. touching.

gaksital. a part of me has died that you ended. i will miss you. you kept me so entertained and stressed for the past 3 months. i will never forget you, my favorite drama of all time.